Workshop Ideas

Workshop Ideas are posted on this page for those who are looking for co-organizers.

Portraits: Identity, Spaces, Social networks, Alliances
Under the rubric Collectivity, I would like to collaborate with others interested in “portraits,” in whatever medium or form (e.g. symbolic, literary, architectural, auto/biographical). I am an art historian, but would hope to find scholars from other disciplinary bases who are thinking about women’s particular investment in portraits: not just as makers (although women were frequently portrait painters) but also in how portraits established or challenged identities, activated spaces, circulated in familial and economic networks, and functioned in forging alliances.

Please contact: Sheila ffolliott,

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Preparation and Participation
Participants for a panel to respond to the question of ‘how?’ proposed in the call for papers by asking how women prepared for and participated in childbirth, pregnancy, and newborn care. In particular, the panel would address the conference themes of collectivity (familial networks, collaboration, alliances, and perhaps even objects in circulation), asking how women assisted one another in the birth process, in preparations for birth, and in care of newborns. Issues related to breastfeeding and wetnursing could also be considered.

I will address the topic from the perspective of Spain, based on archival research conducted on household manuals and recipe books from the 16th-17th century, female-authored poetry, and midwifery manuals.

Please contact: Dr. Emily Kuffner, Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies,
College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University

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