Attending to Women 2018 Provisional Program

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
1:30 – 4:30 pm Pre-Conference Workshop
Newberry Library, Chicago
Thursday, June 14, 2018

Conference location: UWM School of Continuing Education (map)

9:00 am Registration Opens
10:00 am Welcome & Opening Remarks
10:30 am – 12:15 pm
Plenary I: Choice

Jyotsna Singh, English, Michigan State University
Agency and Community: Women’s Self-Representations in the Mughal Courts

Andrea Pearson, Art History, American University
Delimiting Choice: Lessons from a Netherlandish Christ-Child Incunable

Caroline Castiglione, Italian, Brown University
Why Political Thought is Women’s Work: Reflections on the Early Modern Italian Case

12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 – 3:00 pm
Workshop Session I: Choice I

1. Women and the Law in Early Modern Europe — Susan Amussen (H); Esther Brot (H); Anna Young (H); Emily Fine (E)

2. Unsettled Strangers: Early Modern Construction of Self and Gender in Foreign Spaces — Gaywyn Moore (E); Brian Harreis (E); Melissa Kleinschmidt (E); Mikaela Warner (E)

3. Choice, Displacement, and Environmental Violence: Contesting the Categories of Woman and the Human in Early Modern Literature and Culture – Dyani Johns Taff (E, HU); Teresa Coronado (E, ES); Tara Pedersen (E)

4. Nuns on the Move: Agency of Early Modern Nuns as Migrants — K. Bevin Butler (AH); Elizabeth Goodwin (H); Volker Schier (M); Corinne Schleif (AH)

5. The Choice of Action as Agency: Early Modern Women’s Choreographies of Virtue, Status, Dissent, and Subversion — Elisa Oh (E); Lyneth Miller (H); Camilla Kandare (D)

6. The Gendered Religious Imagination: Selfhood and Agency in Early Modern Spanish Women’s Culture — Rosilie Hernández (S); Anne Cruz (S); Teresa Hancock (S)

7. Early Modern Women and Discourses of Promising — Melissa Ganz (E); Jennifer Vanderheyden (F); Amelia Zurcher (E)

8. Theorizing Queens Consort in Fiction and Nonfiction: Medieval and Early Modern Europe — Maria Prendergast (E); Susan Dunn-Hensley (E); Jessica DeVos (F)

3:30 – 5:15 pm
Plenary II: Confrontation

Grethe Jacobsen, History, Royal Library, Copenhagen
Female Crown Fief Holders in Late Medieval and Early Modern Denmark

Caroline Boswell, History, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Revolutionizing Interpersonal Conflict? Female Speech in Revolutionary England

Mihoko Suzuki, English, University of Miami
Thinking Beings and Animate Matter: Margaret Cavendish’s Challenge to the Early Modern Order of Things

6:00 pm Informal Happy Hour at the Hotel
Friday, June 15, 2018
9:00 – 10:30 am
Workshop Session II: Confrontation I

9. Crafting Habits of Resistance — Susan Dinan (H); Karen Nelson (E); Michele Osherow (E, J)

10. Epistemology and Action— Daniel Collette (P); Dwight Lewis (P); Sergio Gallegos (P)

11. Bodies of Authority: Contesting the Coercive Space in Early Modern England — Christi Spain Savage (E); Cristine Varholy (E)

12. Politics, Domesticity, and the Female Body — Madeline Bassnett (E); Joanne Wright (PS); Edith Snook (E); Megan Matchinske (E, CL)

13. Rhetoric and Resistance: Early Modern Women’s Agency—Jane Donawerth (E); Erin Kelly (E); Ana Kothe (CL)

14. Sexual Violence, Agency, and New World Colonialism—Meghan Hall (E); Alicia Meyer (E)

15. Gendering Political Confrontation: Influence and Agency in Print During the English and French Civil Wars – Catherine Hinchliff (H); Carrie Klaus (F); Mihoko Suzuki (E); Abby Zanger (F, H)

16. Early Modern Rape Culture(s): Women’s Confrontations with Religion and Law—Greta Grace Kroeker (H); Devon Sherwood (H)

11am-12:45 pm
Plenary III: Collectivities

Julie Campbell, English and Women’s Studies, Eastern Illinois University
Taste-Makers at the French Court, 1570-1615

Sarah Owens, Spanish, College of Charleston
Religious Spaces in the Far East: Women’s Travel and Writing in Manila and Macao

Joyce De Vries, Art History, Auburn University
What Women Owned: Gender and Material Culture in Early Modern Bologna

1:00 pm Lunch
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Workshop Session II: Collectivities I

17. Networks and Agency in Early Modern Maternity—Emily Kuffner (S); Amanda Zoch (E); Kathryn Bastin (F); Jordan Katz (H)

18. Activity, Collectivity, and Identity in Early Modern Female Catholic Communities: Reevaluating the Use of Primary Sources — Amy Leonard (H); Liise Lehtsalu (H); Elizabeth Lehfeldt (H); Sarah Joan Moran (AH)

19. “To Discourse by Letters”: Women’s Epistolary Modes and the New Science — Ani Govjian (E); Katharine Landers (E); Morgan Souza (E)

20. Mothers, Wives, and Healers: Women’s Agency in Medicine and Health—Victoria Meyer (H); Marissa Rhodes (H); Joanna Spanos (CS)

21. Accounting for Women: Collaborations, Networks, and Alliances in the Arts—Theresa Kemp (E, WGS); Catherine Powell (AH); Beth Link (AE)

22. Communal Worship: Nuns, Laywomen, Agency, Action, and Change— Micheline White (E); Jaime Goodrich (E); Alex Marchbank (H)

23. Should the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women Add Gender to its Name?—Discussion led by Susan Amussen (H)

4:00-5:15 pm Readers’ Theatre play, A Warning for Fair Women (1599)
6:00 pm Reception at the Hotel
7:30-9:00 pm
Keynote Address

Angela McShane, Wellcome Collection, London Naming, Shaming, and Proclaiming: Early Modern Women’s Tobacco Boxes as Agents of Power

Saturday, June 16, 2018
9:00 – 10:45 am
Plenary IV: Pedagogy and the Public Humanities

Jennifer Selwyn, History, CSU Sacramento and Portland State
Wrestling the World from Fools: Teaching Historical Empathy and Critical Engagement in Traditional and Online Classrooms

Sarah Carter, History, Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee
Period Room as Pedagogy: The Feminist Possibilities of Mrs. M.——-‘s Cabinet

Christopher Fletcher, History, Newberry Library, Chicago The Role of the Renaissance Research Center and the Humanities Today

11:15 am -12:45 pm
Workshop Session IV: Pedagogies / Confrontation II

24. Teaching the Social Media of the English Revolution: Rethinking Gender From the Female Petitioners to the #MeToo Movement — Erin Murphy (E, WGS); Emily Griffiths Jones (E, DH)

25. Teaching Early Modern Women’s Work with the Counterarchive— Mary Learner (E, CL); Susan O’Rourke (E, CL)

26. Activist Archives — Penelope Anderson (E); Ellen MacKay (E)

27. Algorithms in the Archive: Explorations of the Early Modern Digital Classroom — Julia Flanders (DH, E); Sarah Connell (DH, E)

28. Portrayals of Early Modern Women across the Atlantic — Dinorah Cortés-Vélez (S); Anne Pasero (S); Nhora Serrano (CL)

29. Gender and Intellectual Boundaries in 16th Century English and Continental Literature — Astrid Adele Giugni (E); Hannah VanderHart (E)

30. Ethics and Action — Matthew LaVine (P); Jill Hernandez (P); Joshua Thomas Vonderhaar (P)

31. Early Modern Women Patrons and Collectors — Sheryl Reiss (AH); Diana Robin (C)

1:00 pm Lunch
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Workshop Session V: Choice II/Collectivities II

32. Hidden Labor, Cloistered Knowledge: Staging Women’s Agency in Early Modern England — Margo Kolenda (E); Cecilia Morales (E); Katherine Walker (E, CL)

33. Locating the Hidden Figures among Early Modern Women —Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi (S,I); Christa Irwin (AH); Erin Sadlack (E)

34. Female Sexuality Between the Sacred and the Profane — Katrina Olds (H); Tanya Tiffany (AH)

35. Reproducible Bodies: Literary Queenship, Agency, and Cultural Memory — Yasmine Hachimi (E); Breanne Weber (E)

36. The Agency of Portrayal — Saskia Beranek (AH); Sheila ffolliott (AH); Sandra Friesen (E); Kyungran Park (E)

37. Finding Early Modern Women’s Agency Through Network Analysis — Catherine Medici (WGS); Tara Wood (H); Genelle Gertz (E)

38. Accounting and Agency in the Americas — Rosalind Beiler (H); Tamara Harvey (E); Lisa Logan (E)

39. The Making of Knowledge: Experimental Texts and Textual Experiments in Early Modern Women’s Scientific Writing — Alice Brooke (S); Elizabeth Crachiolo (E); Julia Reed (HS); Whitney Sperrazza (E, DH)

Throughout the conference: Writing Wikipedia entries
Disciplines: Art Education (AE), Art History (AH), Classics (C), Comparative Literature (CL), Comparative Studies (CS), Dance (D), Digital Humanities (DH), English (E), Environmental Studies (ES), French (F), History (H), History of Science (HS), Humanities (HU), Italian (I), Music / Musicology (M), Philosophy (P), Political Science (PS), Religious Studies (RS), Spanish (S), Women’s/Gender/Sexuality Studies (WGS)

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